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Our AI blocks bullies & creates lovable lists. Make your timeline sing.

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Lists you'll love

Easy to browse relevant content from interesting people. Our AI generator makes list creation fast and easy.

Block Toxic Content

Use our AI powered Clean Timeline to identify and block toxic people from your timeline. Say hello to happy Twitter.

Tweet Confidently

Our Zen-Mode tweet feature lets you post with confidence giving you a full two minutes to "undo-send".

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Pricing you'll love.

Personal Use

  • Use for one personal Twitter account.
  • Unlimited list generation.
  • Unlimited Timeline troll-block recommendations.
  • Unlimited Tweets with Undo Send.
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  • Automated scanning & blocking of toxic interactions.
  • Real time interaction sentiment dashboard.
  • Tunable brand protection policies.
  • Social influencer timeline brand alignment monitoring.
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All I wanted from Twitter was a dang edit button. Larkist scratches that itch with their awesome "undo send".

Austen Allred

CEO & Founder of Lambda School
I believe consumers would pay $5 a month for a troll free, ad free version of Twitter, Instagram or $fb. 100% people are ready.


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